Transparent Canoe Kayak Lets You See All The Underwater Beauty

If you enjoy kayaking or canoeing, then you know what it is like to look over the sides, to get a better look at something under the water. It can be uncomfortable for smaller people who sit lower near the vessel’s waterline. Now, trying to see what is under the water is not a problem, no matter if you are big or small.

Introducing the new hybrid Transparent Canoe Kayak… yes, you can see right through it. It’s not the same as a glass bottom boat, no, you can see through the ‘whole’ thing. How is that possible? The hull of this transparent watercraft is constructed on polymer, which looks just like glass, you can see clearly right through it. But don’t worry its a much stronger material than glass.

This transparent watercraft opens up a whole world of things to see under the waves, its sturdy hull is constructed to accommodate only two people. So, you will have to choose your ship mates wisely, because it is designed to hold up to 425lbs.

Transparent Canoe Kayak 2Transparent Canoe Kayak 1

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  1. I wanna blindfold my friend and tell her I’m taking her somewhere “special.” Little does she know I would be taking both of us out on one of these, except it’s just the local aquarium’s shark exhibit.

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