Cactus Chair Challenges Your Derriere With A Sitting Dare

What do a cactus and a transparent chair have in common? Nothing, except that one you sit on and the other you would never dream of sitting on! And, there is the ‘genius’ of the designer’s idea – to merge these two items together to create the Cactus Chair, which is meant to stir both the physical and psychological concerns in the those who dare rest their derriere.

The New York designer, Deger Cengiz, crafted the transparent Cactus Chair using acrylic, so that the full bloom barrel cactus beneath can be readily seen. The feeling one gets while sitting in the chair is a one of mixed emotions, as the ‘nearness’ or closeness of the cactus’s thorns to your… assets, or in the words of Austin Powers, your “twig and berries,” is ‘dangerously’ close.

The chair was crafted for THISLEXIT which sells for a whopping $1800, and while the fear of sitting in it needs to be overcome, so does its selling price. Barrel cactus included.

Source – Hypebeast via THISLEXIT

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