Transparent Armor is a Reality…And The Navy Is Just Getting Started

Wish you could be invisible? Okay, that may not be possible just yet, but the Navy has discovered the next best thing.

It’s called Spinel, and this material is made of a synthetic powder that can be formed into sheets of lightweight, transparent, and bulletproof clay. How did the Navy get so innovative you might ask.

Apparently, this branch of the military has been working with Spinel for decades. By using a hot press under a vacuum they were finally able to cast out the imperfections in this material.

Reminds us of the transparent aluminum from Star Trek IV is now a reality.

Excited now? Just wait until the army starts creating glass-encased armor contraptions. This is just the beginning.

Transparent Armor Making Transparent Armor Transparent Armor

Source – PopSci via – Navy

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