Trac-Grabbers Extreme Traction Gets You Unstuck In Snow & Mud

Drive in winter’s worst ice, snow and slush long enough and it becomes not so much a matter of “if” you’ll get stuck, but “when”. Trac-Grabbers are the compact and easily portable revolution in roadside emergency tools that ensure you can always find your tires a new foothold.

In remote locales and tough-to-safely-reach ditches, it could be hours before another vehicle can turn up or arrive on call to pull your stranded butt free. Especially this time of year, when temperatures can reach deadly lows in many parts of the country day or night, that’s a dangerous proposition. Trac-Grabbers secure easily and adjustably in seconds to wheels of any size to add 8″x3″x1″ blocks that engage as the wheels spin to lift, grab and move your car or truck out of the worst messes under its own power.

These handy aides are every bit as useful in warm-weather mud and muck as they are in winter wetness. With two durable Trac-Grabber blocks in every set, this is an affordable and ingenious device no man or woman should ever get stuck without.


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