Towel Warmer Will Make Your Life 99% Better In This Bitter Cold

Everyone loves the feeling of putting on clothes that have just been dried and are still nice and warm. Likewise, it can be just as comforting to wrap yourself in a towel that’s been hanging on the radiator and is nice and toasty.

hot towel warmer

So imagine then a device that you could use to ensure your towels would always be warm every time you step out the shower. Wouldn’t that just make life so much better?

That’s exactly what the imaginatively named ‘Towel Warmer‘ does. Now you can have your towel feel lovely and warm every single morning. Cozy towel everyday = life significantly better!

towel warmer hot towel warmer features

So whats not to love? The feeling of keeping your towels warm at up to 120 degrees within 10 minutes? How about knowing that you are going to go outside in the cold to shovel some snow to put your hat and mittens in before you venture outside.  Better yet, wouldn’t it be just awesome to throw a small blanket in here to get all nice and toasty in front of the TV? Yeah.. you know you want it.


Source – The-Gadgeteer via Brookstone


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