Totoro and Minion Convertible Beds Are Surreal and Snug

The Minions from Despicable Me were a massive hit owing to their cute appearance and charming personalities. After the film came out, just about every kid had to have one and a lot of adults too.

But imagine if you could curl up in bed while lying on the face of a giant minion as it hugged you with its long arms. The question is: would that be wonderful, or incredibly creepy?

If you believe the former is more likely, then you’ll love these convertible beds from Etsy seller Sleeping Palace. They’re definitely fun looking and pretty cute too but even if you aren’t sold by the looks (there’s a Totoro version available too) then you might still be impressed by how versatile they are. They’re basically giant mats that lie on the floor and can be propped upright to form a kind of chair. They come in two sizes and have detachable washable covers. They can become beds, bean bags, couches or even a spot for a young child or pet to sleep. And that would definitely be very cute…

This of course begs the question, if you could sleep on the face of any popular character, who would you choose?

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