Top 5 Flavor Tripping Miracle Fruit Pranks To Play On Your Friends

Every year, people are challenging themselves to “up each other” for the pranks that were played on each other.  One of the best pranks we have heard recently is using Miracle Frooties Miracle Fruit to trick peoples taste buds.

Miracle Fruit Turns Sour, Acidic, & Bitter Flavors Incredibly Sweet

Classic Miracle Frooties 350mg_with_berries-600x400

In case you’ve never heard of them before, discovered in 1725, the Miracle Berry comes from the Miracle Fruit Plant (Sideroxylon dulcificum / Synsepalum dulificum) located in West Africa. It contains an active glyco-protein molecule which binds to the tongue’s taste buds causing, some bitter and sour foods to taste sweet for about an hour. You can purchase just the Berries, or the flavorless tablets from online places.

This flavor tripping experience has led to tasting parties where people get together to come up with some rather interesting combinations using the Miracle Fruit. Aside from the standard Grapefruit, Lemons and other acidic fruits – some interesting combos are Gummy Worms, Hot Sauce,  Cottage Cheese, 99% bitter chocolate, Guinness Beer, Pickle Juice and even Vinegar! Crazy right? The favors become something indescribably pleasant in your mouth.

Now that you know what this magical berry is, and can do, here are the top suggestions we found online for pranking your friends this April Fools. We don’t condone any of these mind you 😉

Bet Your Friends $50 Who Can Eat More Lemons & Limes Without Whinging

This is an easy way to win some cash. No will be able to finish even a slice. Your friends will be amazed at how you managed to keep your composure.
Baby Eat Lemons


Distribute To Everyone Except 1 or 2 Friends Who Don’t Know What’s Going On

When your 2 friends arrive late to the party, they’ll be shocked to see everyone chowing down on pickle juice, vinegar and lemons like they are best food they ever ate. At first they’ll think you’re all gone crazy, then when they decide to join in, they’ll KNOW you’re all crazy.

Shocked Faces


Show Your Friends How Easy You Can Down A Whole Pint Of Lager

Since the miracle berry will make your Guinness taste better than a chocolate shake, you’ll drink any beer without that skunky beer face.

chugging beer


Tell Your Friends That You Can Magically Change Vinegar Into Sweet Chocolaty Nectar

Give your friend a miracle berry tablet to suck on, letting them think its a ordinary candy like skittles. Then blow their minds when the bitter foods have become the most amazing treat ever.

nom nom nom


Fool Yourself!

That’s right. Why not just take a magic berry , put a bunch of random foods in a box, and trick yourself into eating something you never expected. Mix at least one helping of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce to make it exciting.

eat hot sauce


What Do You Think You Can Do With Miracle Frooties Flavor Changing Candy? Write In The Comments Below.



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