Top 10 Most Extreme Substances On Earth

These Are the 10 Most EXTREME Substances Known to Man

What is the darkest ‘stuff’? Or how about the most explosive? Not even a meth head would want to touch some of this stuff. If you want to know the superlative substances in all manner of categories, read on…

Darkest substance:

Darkest Substance Known to Man

Nope, it’s not ‘your ex’s heart’. Carbon nanotubes can be stacked in such a way as to absorb 99.9% of all light that touches them!


Most flammable substance:

Most Flammable Substance

Chlorine triflouride is so flammable it can burn through a foot of concrete and set sand on fire beneath it before burning out! It’s so dangerous even the Nazis thought it’s best to leave it alone.


Most Toxic Substance:

Cosmetic Surgery BOTOX

Botox is the most toxic substance known to man. Yup, the same stuff people inject into their face!


Hottest Substance:

Hottest Substance Ever

A quark-gluon soup can reach temperatures of 4 trillion degrees Celsius!


Most Explosive Substance:

Most Explosive Expolosive

HMX and Heptanitrocubane are the joint most explosive substances in the world!

Most Acidic Acid

Forget what you saw in Aliens. Thats stuff is like water compared to this. Fluoroantimonic acid is so strong that it can eat through glass and explodes when it comes in contact with water. Whats worse is while its having a reaction, the gas fumes it lets off will kill everyone in the room.


Most Radioactive Substance

Most Radioactive Substance

Homer simpson was never exposed to anything this powerful at his job. Polonium-210 is so radioactive, it glows blue.


Hardest Substance

Hardest Substance

If you guessed diamonds, you would be sorta right. Aggregated diamond nanorod is actually a collection of nano-sized diamonds which is not naturally occurring. Its a man-made substance.


Most Magnetic Substance

Most Magnetic Substance

This substance, developed in 2010 out of iron and nitrogen is so magnetic that it may possibly change the laws of physics and physicians understanding of magnetism. Its 18% more magnetic than Iron Cobalt. Watch out Magneto, you got some competition.


Most Super Superfluid

Most Super Superfluid

Helium 2, H2, can defy gravity by spontaneously flowing up and out of a container on its own. It has high thermal conductivity and no viscosity. Helium 2 is the “most” example of this. What’s more shocking is it seeps right through solid materials through invisible holes due to its complete lack of friction allows it to flow.

Source – Toptenz

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