Top 10 Dangerous Airports In The World To Reconsider When Traveling

Flying is a risk, a calculated risk that people are willing to take to go from point A, to point B, with the intention of… arriving ‘alive’. However, not all risks are wise to take, and there are 10 airports to travel to that may be a risk to great to take. Take heed and seriously consider if your next trip to one of these following airports is really worth the risk, it may be the last trip you ever take.

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba Island, Caribbean, and the Gustaf III Airport, Saint Barthelemy, Caribbean, have runways shorter than 400 feet, next to cliffs overlooking the ocean, they are only used in emergency now, so pray you don’t need to leave quickly from these airports, you may return faster than you left. Other extremely short runways are the Toncontin International Airport, Honduras, Madeira Airport, Portugal, and the Tenzing Hillary Airport, Nepal.

A short runway next to cliffs is one thing, but a very short runway on a windy cliff is another extremely scary kind of thing; welcome to Qamdo Bamda Airport, Tibet. Lots of runway is a good thing, even if it’s as cold as ice like the Ice Runway, Antarctica. The problem isn’t landing or taking off, the danger of the plane sinking into the snow once it stops is greater than the plain traveling through the Antarctic skies.

What is worth the risk of traveling to such small and dangerous airports? Well, if you’re headed to Courchevel Airport, France, then you must be a champion extreme skier, willing to risk it all on the side of an ice-covered mountain with a crosswind, and then willing to risk your life again on the way down.

The small city of Gibraltar has an airport? Yeah, no, they do; only when they stop street traffic to let plains takeoff and land, seriously, they do that. But there is one place that doesn’t need an airport to land plains, why? Why build an airport when you can use the beach, only during low-tide of course, at the Barra International Airport, Scotland.

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