TiVo Bolt DVR Makes a Remarkable Comeback With Kick-Ass Features

TiVo BOLT sees your “Netflix and Chill” and raises you “TiVo and Record and On-Demand and Stream”. You’re right, we can’t work that into a smooth-talking late booty-text without thinking we’d be luckier with, “I would like for you to come over and do naked things with/for me. What time’s good for you?”

This all-in-one Unified Entertainment System won’t score us any sexy times – in fact, it would be about as effective as walking around asking for “sexy time” – but it is a stunning comeback for the all-in-one slayer of commercials that pioneered the modern DVR. Of course, that classic feature indeeds returns with the promise of leap-frogging irritating ads with the push of button – even an entire commercial break at once with SkipMode. Add that to QuickMode, the feature made for long sporting events and droll political speeches that speeds up any recorded or delayed program up to 30 percent without distorting sounds and voices, and watching anything under the sun has never been so fast or easy.

It tops its predecessors by not only packing either 500GB or 1000GB of digital storage space, but it gathering all your favorite entertainment options into one sleek box with astonishing 4K ultra-high definition. You can still record up to four programs simultaneously, but now, OneSearch lets you stage a single unified search of all streaming apps and cable TV listings to find something worth watching and OnePass offers instant access – even streaming – to any available episode of any show, anywhere it’s ready to watch.

Nothing on cable? No problem. Skim Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu and more. Skim iHeartRadio, YouTube, MLB, Pandora and Spotify for even deeper entertainment options, cast video directly from your mobile device to your TV or stream live or recorded TV from your set to your mobile define with the built-in Wi-Fi connection. TIVO Bolt DVR 3TIVO Bolt DVR 2

TIVO Bolt DVR Back

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