Tiny Robots Could Some Day Steal Your DNA For The Government!

It might sound entirely like something out of Science Fiction but in fact it’s all-too real. Harvard professors have recently issued the warning ‘privacy is dead’ after making the prediction that tiny nanobots might someday be able to steal samples of DNA.

This could theoretically be used by companies looking to collect data about the population, insurance companies,  by governments in a Big Brother style attempt to control its population, or by criminals for who-knows-what kind of nefarious plans. One idea is that it could be used to eradicate disease. And it would be incredibly difficult to control or regulate. Technically, on the other end of the spectrum, terrorists, or an evil mastermind criminal could use it to send a swarm of drones into a city and wipe out the population with a virtually undetectable chemical warfare.

Anthony Goldbloom, a young tech entrepreneur, told the same panel that what he termed the ‘Google generation’ placed far less weight on their privacy than previous generations.

‘I trade my privacy for the convenience. Privacy is not something that worries me,’ he said.

microscopic dna bug spy

‘Anyway, people often behave better when they have the sense that their actions are being watched.’

The moral of this story? Someone needs to develop a robotic bug-spray stat!

Source – Ubergizmo via Daily Mail


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