Time-Lapse Transformation of Artist & Cosplayer Kay Pike Into Superman

We’ve shared some imaginative and inventive works of art. We aren’t sure we’ve ever come across something so detailed and transformative as what Kay Pike recently shared with her Twitch audience from the beginning of its creation to the finishing touch.

The mixed artist, fashion designer and cosplay model is beloved among her followers for captivating time-lapse videos that reflect the honest meticulous steps in creating her looks while somehow making a head-to-toe metamorphosis like this Superman “costume” look deceptively easy…provided the footage is sped up 1,000x into a single under-five-minute recap.

Take a good look at those photos of a curiously svelte Man of Steel. Those are not comic panels. That is Pike in mesmerizingly elaborate head-to-toe paint, hair dye and makeup. She applies the various colorations in several layers and shades in order to create the illusions of sketched-on defined musculature, perfect matches to Superman’s traditional coloration that look like the hues were peeled fresh from an ACTION COMICS panel, and even flawlessly transforming her very face into Kal-El’s very own super-smirking mug.

If you’ve never taken advantage of the windows dedicated professional cosplayers such as Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han offer their fans into their crafting processes, by all means, give this a look. It’s easy to forget how much of a truly stunning cosplay comes together from scratch with careful handcrafting.

Superman Cosplay Makeup (2)Superman Cosplay Makeup (3)Superman Cosplay Makeup (4)Superman Cosplay Makeup (6)Superman Cosplay Makeup (1)

Source – LaughingSquid via KayPikeFashion

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