Tile Tracker Found The Best Gift Under $30….Itself

Got Lost!? Nope, never again.

By now, you’ve undoubtedly lost your wallet, keys, purse, backpack or some other important item at least a dozen times this year alone. Multiply that by all the the other years, and that’s a lot of wasted time and undoubtedly unnecessary aggravation you just don’t need. Finally, a company had sought to squash the mystery of where’s my stuff. I’m late. It’s tile. Tile is a small bluetooth square that connects to your phone via bluetooth up to 200 feet away that will all you to find your belongings with a free app that leads you directly to it using a ringtone on the tile, and even on a map like interface that can show you the last place you had it. Or Alternatively, if you have the Tile, but can’t find your fine, pushing the Tile will make your phone ring. There is even a community feature that anonymously allows other users to help find your missing stuff. When looking at the map, just in my town alone there were over 1600 tile users, more than enough to find my keys if I dropped them while jogging somewhere in the neighborhood. Incredible!

Over the past few years, I have seen the ads on TV, an always thought it would be a great idea to get one, but just never got one, until now. Tile was nice enough to send me a 3 pack collection of tile trackers. I had no idea there was more than one style.There is the Tile Sport, which has a nice grey finish, that would look great attached to your outdoor gear such as sports equipment, and even high-end cameras. Its waterproof and built tough to take a bit of banging around. The second one is the Tile Mate – this is the original one you’ve undoubtedly seen in the commercials. It’s the small square model just slightly bigger than a postage stamp, equally as light. Lastly is the gold trimmed Tile Style , which like the Sport, is part of the pro series. The pro series has an incredible 200 foot range.

Setting it up quite simply the easiest to do. I connected it it my facebook profile (or you could use an email),the app then asks you what you’re looking to track – I choose wallet – then I pushed the button on the tile, and it connected. Took 10 seconds.

This holiday, why not get one of these tiles and attach it to the outside of the “big gift”. It will immediately have them guessing why. Perhaps it’s that new camera, or a pocketbook, or luggage – one of the best gifts someone could ever not have asked for. Everyone will love getting a tile. It’s the best gift that is actually useful. Because it’s so small, and blends in with your stuff, it’s kinda hidden until you need it. And guaranteed, you WILL need it more times that you’re willing to admit to your forgetful self. Great for travelling, seniors, photographers and anyone who has stuff. Hell, I bet you could attach this to the underside of your TV remote. Perfect for a secret santa gift giving because right now the Tile Mate is only $20 for a single, or when buying multiple packs you can save up to an additional 45%.

Whether or not you or your loved ones are technophiles, When you need to find your things fast, look no further than Tile, the little bluetooth tracker..



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