Tiger Paw Gloves Cinch Out Wetness So Kids Can Roar In The Cold Wild Longer

Waterproofing the nooks and crannies of a submarine is just slightly easier than keeping kids’ clothes from eventually being soaked with snow each winter. For as thick, insulated and cozy as winter clothes for chidren can be, there’s nothing so unpleasant as trying to wage a snowball fight after cold wetness seeps into that vulnerable point where a jacket is supposed to fit over the cuffs of gloves or mittens.

Veyo Mittyz work to prevent clammy wintertime hands exactly the way you’ve always marveled no one has ever designed gloves to work: these “handy” oversized cold-weather gauntlets actually cinch over even the largest of winter coat sleeves with an elastic strap to seal snow and slush out. Since outfitting a wee crumb-snatcher for playtime in the icy tundra can just never be simple, a double-pull wrist strap locks down these fleece-lined mitts easily and comfortably with an in integrated thumb pocket for comfort.

When playtime is over, the quick-release buckle makes them just as easy to slip off a child’s wrists as they are to put on.

Then again, what good is comfort if warm, dry hands and looking snazzy are mutually exclusive? For ever kid who has already thought it would be much more fun to be Hobbes after a fresh snowfall than Calvin, just dig for a moment on on these furry tiger-paw designs. Your kiddo will never look better or play drier.



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