Thync Neurosignaling Wearable Injects Positive Vibes To Improve Your Mental Health

The stressful lifestyle of living in a metropolitan area can be flaying to the mind. It’s a struggle many know too well, and as soon as you realize that 24 hours in a day isn’t enough the conflict only gets more difficult. You may have tried meditating, counting to ten, or a number of other stress relief tactics, but before you turn green and wreak havoc on the streets, consider an emerging alternative.

It’s called Thync Neurosignaling, and this new wearable device is designed to deliver calm or energy at your fingertips when the stress really starts to get to you. Thync calls them Vibes, and these Vibes are meant to help distress and overcome those daily obstacles so you can maintain productivity and mental health.

Sure, you may look like the infamous borg Seven of Nine from Star Trek Voyager, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

It’s set to release early August, so keep those nerves settled until then! Learn more at Thync.

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