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Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb Is A Huge Challenge For Even Rubik’s Cube Kids

There are sometimes when amazing things are built to entertain, amaze and challenge people in a personal way. And, you recognize such special creations as soon as you see one, just like this Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb, it’s huge.

It stands at 44” high, and holds a transparent 30” sphere. Inside the orb contains an incredibly intricate high-way of channels that zig-zags in every direction possible, to create the ultimate hand-made, enclosed, ball balancing game. It will not only test the limits of your dexterity, hand and eye coordination, but also the depth of your spatial understanding.

If you want a perfect addition to your classroom, playroom, or just as a one of a kind special gift for your children, to give them something to do, then this is it. They will be glued to it until they have wiggled the solid wooden marble through the incredible 3-dimensional maze.

Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb (3)Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb (4)Three Dimensional Labyrinth Orb (1)

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