Threat Down Zombie Silhouette Actually Bleeds Where You Make A Kill Shot

There is only one place to aim a bullet when you need to guarantee a zombie won’t pose any further problems: right in the computer. If your aim isn’t guaranteed to split a walker’s wig lately, this Threat Down Zombie Silhouette will at least colorfully demonstrate just how badly you keep failing to aerate its skull while you try to dial in right between its lifeless eyes.

The instantaneous feedback from this 100-rounds-plus responsive target developed alongside a Navy SEAL for most calibers isn’t just useful – it also happens to be pretty damned amusing. This re-animated hostile’s organs “bleed” different colored water-soluble gel with every round that hits home. Each lung drips blue and the heart and brain both drizzle red, making shot placement easy to identify. To maximize each silhouette’s use, you can also draw down on additional grid targets in each corner.

Shoot straight, soldier.

Source – Triumph-Systems

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Frag me some zombie head-shots!

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