This Real Life Popeye Doesn’t Need any Spinach. Look At Those Huge Hands!

When you were younger — possibly yesterday or last week — did you ever watch a Popeye cartoon and wish for the cartoon sailor’s massive arms? For Jeff, a 52-year-old machinist and competitive arm wrestler, the wish came true without an ounce of canned spinach. Well, at least he doesn’t attest to it.

Jeff’s bulging arms, 49 inches in circumference, aren’t flesh-colored inflatables. They are the arms he was born with. As you’ll see in the video, the arm size doesn’t hamper Jeff too much in the realms of romance. In fact, Jeff’s story is quite heartwarming to see. Just like a Popeye cartoon where he always defeats Bluto to re-win Olive Olyl’s spindly arm.
Real Life Popeye Jeff Dabe 1Real Life Popeye Jeff Dabe 5Real Life Popeye Jeff Dabe 6Real Life Popeye Jeff Dabe 3

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