This Huge 16-Foot Inflatable Darth Vader Wishes Jedis A Merry Christmas

Even Sith lords get in the holiday spirit, don’t they?

Pssst. Hey, Dime-Store Clark Griswold: a certain Sith lord finds your lack of egg nog disturbing.

We pity scum who find a 16-Foot Inflatable Darth Vader glowering down at them from your yard and still figure that a re-gifted Hayden Christensen Snuggie from last year’s office Christmas party is a good idea. No one brings a white elephant to the Dark Side.

This Hammacher Schlemmer-exclusive lawn decoration even wields its own massive deployed candy-cane lightsaber. An integrated air pump brings Vader to imposing life in a matter of minutes and the woven multicolored polyester of his life-support suit, helmet, extended cape peppermint sword with holly-berry ribbon will stand him tall with yuletide glee every time he rises. Between the six C7 lights giving his saber a festive glow and the 10 stakes and four tethers anchoring him in place guarantee the holy-jolly scourge will be impossible to ignore.

Includes a 5-foot cord to plug directly into an AC unit.

16 Foot Inflatable Christmas Darth Vader
16 Foot Inflatable Christmas Darth Vader
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Sith lords have been bigger

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