These Glass Animals Are A Stunningly Awesome Piece of Art

These Glass Creatures Are Stunningly Detailed

Scott Bisson is an artist and glass blower from Oregon who has created some incredible looking glass animals. In particular his creatures tend to be of the multi-colored fish/amphibian/reptile variety and are highly intricate, detailed and delicate. They look like little Pokemon except they’re also translucent and are actually awesome value for money. And don’t go making them battle because they’ll just sit there and maybe break…

Scott Bisson works with blown and flame worked glass to create all manner of creatures from frogs and geckos to piranha and squid. The piranha are particularly cool with huge teeth-filled mouths as is the black squid with a very eerie quality to it.

All the items are incredibly intricate and highly beautiful and would look awesome on any windowsill or desk. They’re pretty cheap too for just $25 so definitely worth checking out. If you like detailed creatures and are looking for a colorful and unique gift or something different for your own home, then they’re definitely worth a look.

If you’re looking for a cool gift then one of the organic looking squids or mean looking piranha will definitely do the trick!

Glass Octopus Glass Lizard Crazy Catepillar Glass Octopus

Frog+Dichroic+Red Frog+Ripple Frogs+Dichroic+Green+Item+#+161 Gecko+Black Gecko+Blue Goblet Large+and+small+dichro+skink Octopus+BLK Puffer Fish RED+Frog+close+up Skink+Ripple Snake+Red Snakes Squid Angler+Fish



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