These 50 Stupid People Are Probably Dead?

If you’ve ever watched DOCTOR WHO in its current revived form, you are probably well-familiarized with the term “fixed point in time”. Briefly explained, it’s an event that is cemented as playing out in exactly one way. It can’t change. It’s frozen that way.

That’s how we like thinking of these photos: each of these 27 people is now and forever locked at the precipice of one single that is destined for absolute calamity. In a way, though, it’s also a bit like a perfect horror movie. Absolutely no outcome you could actually witness could be as horrible, hilarious or schadenfreude-licious as what decades of Looney Tunes shorts have expanded your mind to imagine.

Sit back, relax, and remember as you ponder these poor oopsies of Darwinism, it can always get worse.


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