Thermonotes Is The Touchiest Notepad Ever With It’s Heat Reactive Cover

Now, here’s a hitherto underutilized feature: hyper-color.

Thermonotes thoroughly personalizes your scribblings with a truly unique “touch” – a big, bright handprint squarely on the cover. Remember those shirts all the cool kids in the ’90s prized growing up for their heat-activated ability to change colors? Same general principle.

It’s a cute addition for your personal amusement, but under the right circumstances, what a convenient security layer. You could catch a would-be Prying Pete…um…”magenta-handed”? In fact, we’re ordering a dozen in which we’ll be writing our next screenplay.

We’re on to you, makers of CONCUSSION. Sure. You thought you could read our script, substitute “Will Smith” for “Morgan Freeman”, “football players” for “monkeys” and “head trauma” for “farting fire” and think you could steal our thunder? NOT THIS DAY.

Thermonotes-Heat-Reactive-Cover (2)Thermonotes-Heat-Reactive-Cover (1)

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