The Write Light Pencil Lamp Pays Tribute To The World’s Favorite Writing Instrument, The Number 2 Pencil

There is a 100% chance that you have used a #2 pencil at some point. Whether it was for marking a scan sheet on a standardized test or for scribbling down your next big idea, #2 pencils are one of the most popular writing instruments ever. They are used by students, scholars, doodlers, and scientists alike. Now, you can pay homage to this time-tested writing device and use it to light up your next project.

The Write Light lamp is made out of real, solid wood. Then, its eraser is replaced by an LED light that produces 220 lumens of light (about the same as a normal desk lamp). The cord of the light comes out of the pencil’s tip and looks like the swirling doodles you make with it. As a bonus, you can rearrange the cord to make letters, doodles, or shapes to customize the lamp even more. A bold #2 is engraved in the top of the lamp near the eraser, just where it should be.

To turn on The Write Light lamp, all you have to do is twist the pencil and your ideas will be illuminated. Much better than chewing on the wooden pencil for inspiration to strike. It runs off of USB and is power friendly. The lamp is about 13 inches high and 7 inches wide so it’s the perfect addition to your desk or night table. The artistic tribute is sure to be a hit with any writer, student, or artist and will bring a smile to the face of any pencil lover.

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