The Oregon Trail Handheld Game Review – Yes, You WILL Die Of Dysentery Again

The Oregon Trail is a classic game that has been around nearly as long as consumer computers have. If your nostalgia bug is itching, this fun, portable game is just the thing to scratch it. Gather up a party of travelers and fill your covered wagon with supplies for a 19th century journey from Independence, Missouri to Willamette Valley in Oregon. Travel through the wilderness and small towns of America’s frontier and make decisions that keep your party alive along the way.

The case of this game is designed to look bulky and clunky like the old computers the game was originally played on. Large, loose feeling buttons allow you to interact with people you meet on the trail, hunt, and trade supplies as you travel. The color screen is fantastic for the price and is complimented by authentic 80s graphics.

As far as gameplay goes, you’ll notice the same familiar elements from the Apple II and MS-DOS games. Of course everyone recognizes the dreaded term “You have died of dysentery”. You can be sure that not everyone in your party will make it to Oregon and that some oxen will unfortunately perish on the way (sadder than the people dying). The hunting experience is surprisingly fun and works well despite only having basic directional controls.

For an affordable replica of this classic game, the makers knocked it out of the park. You can get the authentic and nostalgic experience of playing The Oregon Trail in your bedroom on a massive computer now in your hands. Take a journey into the past and experience one of the most thrilling video game adventures of the 80s.

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