The ONE Smart Piano Teaches Even the Most Fat-Fingered Individuals How to Play

You’re no Valentino Liberace when it comes to your standard piano. You can’t play love ballads like Elton John or pour your heart out like Tori Amos. If anything you’re a beginner or novice at the age-old tradition, but if you’re thinking about paying some old lady for some lessons hold onto your wallet for just a second.Indiegogo has always been a place for innovation, and today one of its most recent successes is the funding of the ONE Smart Piano. This piano works with apps on devices and lights up the right keys to hit with your fingers for a new learning experience. They’re even offering decent prices for those of you who’ve seen how costly a grand piano can be. The piano combines old school with modern iPad to marry the two into an all-in-one musical teaching system that will teach someone who has never played before how to play virtually instantly. This brings instant enjoyment and satisfaction to the student who may otherwise give up from failure. Fail no more as you channel your inner Billy Joel in minutes.

Who cares if you have fat sausage fingers? Let your piano guide you to musical nirvana.

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Source – Indegogo

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