The Microsoft Band –Better Than Apple Watch?

With all the fuss surrounding Apple’s recent smartwatch announcements, you might easily have missed news of Microsoft’s ‘Band’ product.

This is a rival smartwatch that has been on the market a bit longer than Apple’s offering (though only a few months now) and which has been large out of stock on Microsoft’s own site owing to its considerable success. In light of this, Microsoft have recently announced an increase in stock and will also be expanding their market to the UK and other regions.

The Microsoft Band is considerably cheaper than the Apple Watch and looks pretty slick in all black. It also has a wealth of smart features allowing wearers to check their e-mails and texts right on their wrists and even to use Cortana if they own a Windows Phone (Cortana is coming to Android and iOS soon).

It’s the health tracking features that really make the case for Microsoft Band though. Not only does it have the usual pedometer but also a heartrate monitor and the ability to walk you through workouts. It has GPS too and sleep tracking.

And best of all? The Microsoft Band doesn’t force you to use any particular phone and is completely open platform.

Before you rush out and give Apple more of your cash, this is definitely one to try out.


Micrsift Band Monitoring Microsoft Band Microsoft Band Purple Microsoft Band Pulse Microsoft Band Mobile Microsoft Band Excersize Microsoft Band Blue



Source – Microsoft

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