The Light Phone: When Your Phone Needs A Phone

Spend too much time on the phone? Are you the classic cosmopolitan girl? Can’t make it through the day without a much-needed happy hour? Next time you’re out on the town, back yourself up without overly cramming those pockets with the unintended thunder-thigh effect.  Finally, you’re phone doesn’t have to feel left out when you leave it at home because it call your phone.

The Light Phone, a new Kickstarter project, gives your phone a credit-card-sized backup for when you forget your devices or if you’re just plain neglectful. This super-compact device works with your existing smartphone to give you a pre-paid backup when you need it the most. This practical device is intended simply to make calls in case of emergency, and will have that white knight coming in no time.

Maybe you need a swift rescue. Maybe not, but would you leave it up to chance?

Light Phone (5) Light Phone (4) Light Phone (3) Light Phone (2)
Source – HiConsumption via Kickstarter
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