The GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver is the Best Action Camera to Date

If you’re going to be snowboarding, free running or surfing and you want to capture all the action in high resolution then there is only one solution: find a GoPro camera.

GoPros are incredibly durable, waterproof and high resolution cameras that mount to your head, dashboard, board or anything else whenever you’re doing something incredibly awesome and you want people to see.

But of course you already know that. Why is that? Because GoPros happen to be everywhere and are incredibly successful. And they’re successful for a reason as well – that reason being that they happen to be really well made and highly useful.

GoPro Hero4 wifi

The GoPro Hero4 does nothing to buck this trend. In fact, the Hero4 is about as ahead of the crowd now as the original GoPros were back when they first came out. The big innovation this time is the fact that you can shoot in stunning 4K resolution. Most people don’t even have a display capable of showing that resolution so that’s truly amazing and very much future proof.

GoPro Hero4 GoPro Hero4 back

 Perfect Night Time Quality


The downside is that you can only capture in 4K at 30fps but if you want a smoother image the 1080p video goes at 120fps and is amazing at slow-mo.

GoPro Hero4-video

Features 1080p, 60 and 720p, 120 video, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®, and Protune™ for photos and video. Waterproof to 131’ (40m)

Overall, you can’t go wrong with buying a GoPro4 for all your action video. There is simply no better action camera around that can produce such amazing quality at a reasonable price.

Source – Gizmodo


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