Tethercell Gives Bluetooth Remote Control To Ordinary AA Batteries Using Your Smartphone

With an extra emphasis on smart everything these days, you’d think that we’ve evolved from the days of using batteries. Unfortunately, a great number of smart devices and household items like digital cameras, remote controls, wireless mice and keyboards still use them. Will we ever graduate from this tired system of energy?

Most likely not, at least in the short term. You may have wondered if you’re miscellaneous battery-operated devices still use up battery power when you’re not using them. You may not be aware, but batteries can self-discharge when not in use.

Lucky for energy aficionados out there, a new kind of battery is aimed at keeping more money in that wallet. It’s called Tethercell, and these special AA batteries can be monitored via an iOS or Android device. You can even turn off a battery remotely to avoid any waste of energy. How awesome would it be to take any device which takes AA batteries and give it on/off remote control via the bluetooth in your phone? It even has scheduled power on and off settings. Hell… it can even tell you when your batteries are running low.

Take that, Energizer Bunny.

Tethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter InstructionsTethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter (5)
Tethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter (2)Tethercell AA Smart Battery AdapterTethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter (3)Tethercell AA Smart Battery Adapter (4)


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