Tesla’s Robot-Snake Charger Is Creepy As All Hell! Hello Future.

If you don’t snakes, charging your car is going to be a terrifying experience. Tesla Motors has become a well know company that produces innovative products such as premium electric vehicles. Electric cars need to be recharged when their batteries get low, and while most people who own electric cars don’t seem to have a problem with plugging them into a charger themselves, someone decided to invent a metal robot snake-like arm to automatically do the 10 seconds of work of plugging in the charger.

Surely, in the not so distant future, robots such as this Robo-Snake charger will be everywhere. Is that a good thing? It’s inevitable, and it will surely take some folks time to adjust to Tesla’s Robot-Snake car charger.

Ultimately, when looking beyond the disturbing life-like motions of the Robot-Snake, Tesla Motors are attempting to make life easier for their customers. Unfortunately, some people just don’t like snakes.


Source – Jalopnik

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