Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles May Be A Game Changer, But No Big Deal Says Elon Musk

The way humanity creates and uses energy needs to change, and it is changing, which is exactly why Tesla’s new solar roof tiles and home battery are such a big deal because these signal the beginning of a positive change.

The recent unveiling of these new solar roof tiles have received much praise, but the spokesman for the company, Elon Musk, said it’s not a big deal because it’s the next logical step in making energy efficient-homes – green homes.

While the idea and application of this technology will relieve and ultimately free the dependence on fossil fuels, the roof tiles actually look aesthetically attractive and come in four styles, slate glass tiles, Tuscan glass tiles, and smooth glass tiles.

The new solar tiles look just like regular roofing in every way, when viewing the roof from the street, and, the design of the tiles do not obstructed the solar cells from receiving 100% of the sun’s rays.

Actually, these new roofs are designed to be just as appealing and functional as any standard roof, with a lower installation cost, and have the ability to meet the electricity needs of homes. Unlike the first generation of solar tiles for roofs which were fragile, obviously noticeable, and expensive to install.

Excess energy generated is stored in Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 battery, which stores enough electricity to power a four bedroom home for more than a day, and ultimately forever, as long as the sun continues to shine.

It’s a bright future for solar energy and many are anxious to get the new Tesla solar roof tiles on their homes. The only concern left for property owners is the price of these new energy producing roof tiles.



Source – Tesla

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