This Is How Tesla’s Autopilot Electric Vehicles See The Roads Around Them

Most people are familiar with the automaker Tesla, and the man behind the company’s huge success to promote electric vehicles, Elon Musk, but there is new technology now available that may surprise everyone.

Tesla has now developed a fully functioning autopilot for it’s vehicles, and it’s amazing and concerning at the same time. If you remember the movie ‘I-Robot’, starring Will Smith, then you can imagine what a world of auto piloted vehicles will be like.

It not an imagined thing anymore it’s real, and you can watch Tesla’s video demonstrating the effectiveness of the GPS autopilot electric vehicle and let your imagination soar about what the near future will be like.

The autopilot can park itself, so you don’t have too. Imagine, no more driver’s test to pass, no more need to manually steer to get where you want to go, just sit back, relax, and let the computers take control.


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