Tesla Model X Is Awesome, Taking the SUV Market By Siege

We can’t say we’re entirely sure about the landing page for the Tesla Model X landing page’s “uncompromised” descriptor of Elon Musk’s invasion of a whole new vehicle class, but credit where it’s due: the closest thing this reality will ever have to our very own Tony Stark damn sure did create a brand-first SUV that resets standards for engineering every which way.

OK, let’s just greet the elephant in the room right now and get it over with: yes, this is an SUV with rear Falcon Wing doors. What’s more, the DeLorean-esque design is brilliant. When they spread out upon opening, they afford easier access to second and third-row seats no matter what is or isn’t in the parking space beside it. They articulate beautifully with only a foot of clearance and accommodate passenger entry from either the front or rear while also providing parents a large enough opening to buckle up children without ducking or heads banged on the roof.

Musk and Tesla engineers prized safety over arguably any other achievement priority. The vehicle’s center of gravity – and, consequently, its virtually absent rollover risk – is seemingly impossibly minimized by its floor-mounted battery and the battery structure itself fortifies the Model X against intrusions upon a side-impact accident. For want of a gasoline engine, the vehicle instead has an entirely uniuque front crumple zone to absorb head-on impact.

When we say the Model X is safety-minded, we aren’t just referring to its engineering. The vehicle perpetually gathers camera, radar and sonar feedback while in motion to generate real-time feedback that aids in keeping the vehicle out of danger. Its active sensors apply its brakes instantly and automatically to avert emergencies, even at highway speeds.

It even erradicates outside air of pollen, bacteria, pollution and viruses with a medical-grade HEPA in three modes to circulate outside air with the inside atmosphere, re-circulate inside air, and even – hand to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, we are not kidding – protect occupants against a bioweapon attack by creating instant positive cabin pressure.

Finally, the Model X also happens to be a performance wonder. Tesla touts the vehicle as “the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history” and it is hard to argue. It clocks a zero-to-60 time of 3.2 seconds. It comfortably seats up to seven adults with room for ample additional cargo. Oh, and it also happens to pack all-wheel drive powered by a 90 kWh battery with 250 miles of full-charge range.

Tesla is now taking Model X reservations ahead of its planned release in 2016.

Source – TeslaMotors


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