Tesla 3 Electric Car Is Finally Priced Affordably

This isn’t Europe. We all have to drive to get where we’re going, and with public transportation limitations you’re stuck. The car industry today is all about the hybrids and electric cars. Ask for a normal gas guzzler and you may get some raised eyebrows. If you tend to lean more on the green side of things, there’s an extremely competitive market for these kinds of cars.

One of the newer entrants, Tesla who was recently in the news for offering batteries for the home, has made their Tesla Model 3 a poster child for green lifestyle in the future. This model will get you around 250 miles on a single charge. Who said electric cars weren’t efficient? Worst case you can always stop at a supercharger station.

Tesla’s offering this self-sufficient vehicle for $35,000. For anyone who has been on the fence about getting one of the original Tesla models because of the high price tag, Tesla heard us all loud and clear with a model that is in line with other fuel efficient cars. Whats more fuel efficient than a car that doesn’t even use fuel. Enough said. Look out 2016.
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