Terry Border Makes Inanimate Objects Come Alive

Well…huh. When out-there artist Terry Border looks at his attic clutter or the contents of his refrigerator’s crisper drawer, lighthearted art comes to life first behind his curious eyes and then before his camera.

When we make imaginative produce sculptures, it gets us escorted out of Walmart.

Oh, well. This is why some of us conjure delightful art like the whimsical compositions of “Bent Objects” and some of us just smile and appreciate it.

Why does Border tie the most ordinary of found objects into little “living” still-life moments with his infectiously punny sense of humor? The simplest answer is the best one: in his own words, it just makes him happy to show the world how something as simple as the last muffin on the plate reminded him of something entirely besides breakfast.

We spill a few Corn Flakes, we’ve made a minor mess. He drops a few from his spoon with perhaps a little drizzling milk, and the next thing he knows, “Cereal Killer”.

Really, it’s the essence of art: the kind of tableau that Border imagines so often can can inspire a chuckle in nearly anyone, but the first smile always has to be the artist’s.

Terry Border Inanimate Objects Come Alive 25art


Source – MyModernMet via BentObjects

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