Terrapin Walking Dead Beer Keeps Zombie Drinkers Alive With Blood Orange Peel

In the post-apocalyptic world of the Walking Dead, resources are scarce, and food runs aren’t something to take lightly. Though Rick’s group is safe under the protected walls of Alexandria (for now), there’s only so many things you can grow yourself before you have to venture out into the dangerous unknown.

Not everyone can handle a vegan diet, and that’s only the beginning of the issue. What about beer o’ clock? Keg parties? Though these aren’t really much of a possibility in Rick’s world, a Georgia-based beer company by the name Terrapin is making their presence known with a beer based on the flesh-eating universe of the Walking Dead.

At 6.7% Alcohol/volume, this red IPA is concocted with a blood orange peel and a generous serving of hops. We’re somewhat confused by the turtle on the bottle, but we’re not going to question the evil snapping turtle anytime soon.


Source – The Walking Dead

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