All Terrain Hoverboard Takes You Where No Other Hoverboard Can Go

There many hoverboards available today, and their specifications vary widely, however, these are mostly designed for basic transportation to and from school, work and home, and most work ‘ok’ when running on smooth flat surfaces such as sidewalks and streets.

However, venturing off the road and onto dirt, gravel, and grass, with uneven surfaces, is ‘not’ recommended for nearly all electric hoverboards, except for this one. This is a ‘real’ all-terrain electric hoverboard that is specially designed to venture off-road onto uneven terrain, while providing amazing stability.

It accomplishes this because of independent gyro sensors in each wheel that detects even the slightest pressure of the rider’s feet, and then adjusts instantly to maintain balance.

With extra wide tread wheels and a 400-watt motor, you can expect to cruise up to 12 MPH up hills and over all types of uneven terrain. And, if that isn’t enough ‘awesomeness’ for you, it even has built-in speakers that lets you jam with your tunes from a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

The all-terrain hoverboard can accommodate up to 300 pounds, and has a range of 9 miles on a flat surface, from a 2 ½ hour charge.






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Travel up to nine miles anywhere you can dream

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