Terminator T-850 Cyborg Replica is Incredibly Lifelike & Can Be Yours

We don’t dare try to account for the sum of bleeding-edge technologies that Cyberdyne wove together to give rise to SkyNet, but we really like to think that nabbing our very own heavily used, battle-scarred T-850 for somewhere in the USD$2,800 neighborhood is an utter steal.

Yeah, the big guy has taken a kicking through a few round-trips between dystopian future and unsuspecting past, He has eaten bullets of ever caliber as though he were loading up from a lead buffet, and for as beaten, burned and bloodied as he is today, rest assured, he has dished it doubly as harshly as he has taken it. Still, when this masterwork of hand-punched human hair and faithfully recreated artful special-effects makeup stares you down, you know you’ll still take a small step backward.

Give Etsy seller Biomechanoids all the credit where it’s due: this head-and-shoulder bust of Arnold Schwarzenneger’s iconic cyborg death-dealer hits every fine-tuned detail a TERMINATOR devotee could ask, from his cold humanoid eye to to its chilling red android mate and chrome-and-blood mosaic of its exoskeleton. There is no future but what we make, sure, but what kind of party would it be without every man, woman and child’s very own murder machine?

As movie-prop replicas go, this meticulous tribute to classic AH-NULD is as impressive as memorabilia gets.

Terminator T-850 Cyborg Replica 4Terminator T-850 Cyborg Replica 3Terminator T-850 Cyborg Replica 1Terminator T-850 Cyborg Replica 5

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