TempTraq Smart Thermometer Patch Continuously Monitors Your Child’s Temperature 24/7

Every parent knows the meaning of life, it is to take care of their children’s health and physical needs. Starting from infancy, parents needs to monitor their babies temperature anytime they suspect their child has a fever. This is especially important for infants and small children, but regularly taking a child’s temperature and obtaining accurate readings is easier said than done.

To help parents in this regard, a personal temperature monitoring system was created, it’s called TempTraq, and it can monitor your child’s temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This revolutionary new at-home health device is a true life saver, as it simply eliminates the hassle and frustration of monitoring an uncomfortable and wriggling infant using a typical thermometer.

As the first 24-hour intelligent thermometer, the TempTraq continuously senses your child’s temperature, records the results, and then sends an alert to your mobile device via an app.

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Let your baby sleep while monitoring everything that's happening

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