Telescopic Contact Lenses Can Zoom 3x When You Wink

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We’ve all seen sci-fi films where the lead character is able to zoom in on things they’re seeing and it definitely seems like the future. Imagine if you could zoom in on distant signs to get directions without walking right up to them. It could be much easier when trying to see how long you’re allowed to stay in a parking zone. And of course it would also be very handy for perverts who want to zoom in on women’s breasts in technology. Good old technology… constantly enabling the most deprived perverts among us.

Telescopic Contact Lens Size

Anyway. The point is that this is no longer a pipe dream. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology recently just announced a vision-enhancing system that uses telescopic lenses combined with smart glasses to provide ‘zoom vision’. You activate it with a blink which allows you to zoom in or out (that’s what the glasses do) and in theory this could help 258 million people worldwide with visual impairment. At least that’s what the official line is. Of course most people are going to be interested in using them to become Adam Jensen, or as mentioned, a more efficient pervert.

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Telescopic Lens for Phones
Telescopic Lens for Phones
Add camera zoom up to 50x

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