Ted 2 Trailer Is Disgustingly Funny. Get Ready To Pee & Poop Yourself.

Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 starring Mark Wahlberg is finally here! Watch it right now! Don’t wait. The much anticipated and talked about movie from Universal Pictures was just released today, and it does not disappoint one bit.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock afraid of thunder, the first movie, about a stuffed bear (Seth MacFarlane’s voice) coming to life and living as Mark’s best friend grossed a whopping $550 million. The highest grossing R rated comedy movie of ALL FRIGGIN TIME!

Ted 2 is due in theaters on June 26, 2015 and  co-stars Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman, Dennis Haysbert, Jessica Barth and Liam Neeson

If the trailer is any indication of what’s in store for us that can be shown to non-R rated audiences, then, it’s a pretty sure bet that this next installment will be another smash hit with Ted 3 written all over it.

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