TEC Torch Super-Heats At 5,000 Degrees To Burn Through Anything In Two Seconds

We can’t say we’re sure what mundane civilian application the TEC Torch from EMPI would serve. However, we’re pinpoint positive from experience about this much: it’s many a great nerd’s natural lot in life to discover entertaining, inventive and/or practical applications not originally intended for all manner of things.

Bears strongly noting, we would recommend that DIY tinkerers use this particular tool only after carefully reading and explicitly understanding the instructions’ finer points. The TEC Torch is a portable creation made to help military, law enforcement and first-response personnel make fast, effective breaches and save lives when seconds may count.

This 12-14″ handheld wand with a 1.5″ diameter dispenses a two-second blast of a unique combustible thermite formula by way of a specially designed jet nozzle. A combination of particulate and vaporized metal ejected from super-secure pressurized catridges rapidly heats its target beyond its melting point to temperatures exceeding 4000°F. Its handles guarantee strictly intentional ignition thanks to dependable redundant safety features vetted by thousands of engineer hours in development, scaling, and worst-case scenario tests.

Ultimately, two seconds is plenty of time to cleanly cleave up to a 0.75″ solid steel rod of any type (hardened, plain carbon, stainless steel – no difference whatsoever) or a 0.50″ steel plate under an extensive variety of circumstances using either the Rod Cutter or Plate Penetrator cartridges.

Each 1-inch-deep-by-1-inch-long coax electrical connector joins the cartridges back end to the handle with a mechanical joint much like a splitter or extension cable for quick assembly. No pile of diverse unique parts needed.


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