UNDER THE TEA Seahorse Tea Infuser Swims In Your Cup

Tea and coffee are not just beverages, for more than half the world’s population, these are a part of daily life – tea time – with its roots cemented it social interaction. Tea, long before coffee, has not only been a social affair or a reason to meet, but its health benefits are also well-known.

Like anything that has meaning to people, the making of a cup of tea, along with the cup and utensils used to stir it, these have become industries unto themselves. Custom-cups and glasses, spoons, decorative sugar containers and tea infusers abound in every shape, design and color.

The UNDER THE TEA Seahorse is a wonderful example of the variety of tea paraphernalia that’s out there which caters to every person’s interests. If you love the ocean, especially Seahorses, then this is a fun way to show it during your next tea time gathering.

Using BPA-free silicone, you can trust your tea leaves will be brewed to perfection as your seahorse infuser playfully bobs in your cup.

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Seahorses brew tea to perfection in both the wild and your home.

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