Taser Pulse Gun Is A Law Enforcement Electroshock Weapon For Civilians

Whether you like guns or not, one thing is certain, people deserve to have some form of self defense when threatened with harm. Fortunately, whatever the gun laws are where you live, tasers like the very ones used by law enforcement are allowed, and everyday folks have access to them. Many people aren’t aware of that fact.

Now, the very company Taser, the well-known maker of electroshock weapons that supplies more than 18,000 various law enforcement organizations worldwide, has made a slimmer version, for civilian use. It measures 5.24 inches long, and 4.5 inches tall, but make no mistake, the new Taser Pulse is smaller than standard police issued taser weapons, but it produces the same amount of volts.

Tasers can save people’s lives, and the Taser Pulse is specially designed to make holding and firing the weapon easier than ever. It’s small size can fit many types of gun holsters or fit easily inside a purse. Requiring 6 non-rechargeable batteries, the pulse will shock the day lights out of your attacker for a solid 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get away and call for help. Or, zap him again for good measure, and then call for help.

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Protect Yourself Up To 15 feet Away

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