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TARDIS Moccasin Slippers Are Perfect Companions For The Coldest Reaches Of Time And Space

As comfortable footwear for travels across time and space to the edge of the universe and back goes, we’ve always been a bit partial to the Tenth Doctor’s casual trainers. Still, we have to admit, these TARDIS Moccasin Slippers exclusively from ThinkGeek may just have a leg-up.

We’d bet they even pair well with a blue suit and brown coat.

Available in ladies’ sizes 8 or 10 and men’s sizes 10, 12 or 14, we make no guarantees that they will or won’t feel a bit bigger on the inside, but these plush slippers could make even an Ice Warrior sigh with comfy bliss. If you have nothing better to do but whack Sontarans unconscious just “so” on the back of neck, stage winner-take-all staring contests with statues, outrun raging Daleks and see every inch of the universe you can before your next regeneration cycle sneaks up on you, then do we have little blue boxy slippers for you.

TARDIS Moccasin Slippers (2)TARDIS Moccasin Slippers (3)

Doctor Who Tardis Slippers
Doctor Who Tardis Slippers
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Keep feet warm in any time

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