Tardis Backpack Comfortably Stows All Of Time And Space

Admit it: at some point in school, even if you had never heard fantastic tales of a man from another world in a little blue box, you would’ve loved to command a little blue bag that was bigger on the inside.

If the Doctor himself didn’t have a loving bond with his Police Box of infinite possibilities, you just know this tough little faux leather TARDIS Backpack would tote his everything across every square inch of wibbly-wobbly time and space. Of course, it might come at the cost of NOT having a swimming pool in the library or a basically omnipotent Eye of Infinity at your beck and call. Then again, its padded back and straps would make hauling the sum of infinite timelines and their consequences upon your shoulders at least a little bit less chafing. Fair trade, we suppose.

This bag will not unzip itself if you snap your fingers at it. Nicknaming your TARDIS Backpack “Sexy” not necessarily recommended.
Doctor Who TARDIS Backpack 3dsDoctor Who TARDIS Backpack 1

Doctor Who Tardis Backpack
Doctor Who Tardis Backpack
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Must-have for any Whovian

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