Tantalus Liquor Bottle Lock Keeps Uninvited Drinkers Out Of The Good Stuff

Nobody will appreciate the Tantalus Liquor Bottle Lock quite as quickly as parents or any other of-age adults with vested interests in keeping would-be underage drinkers out of their hooch. Let’s not be too quick to limit the appeal of securing the good stuff under lock and key, though.

Truth be told, we go out of our way to make leaving minors in our care as disconcerting a proposition as possible to every breeder who makes our acquaintance and our bottles still go on lockdown every time we expect company. We’re much more wary of the 21-and-up moochers who take it upon themselves to deplete our primo stock without asking or offering to replace it. Or maybe you have in your home that simply can’t help themselves from downing as much hooch as they can find…like these people falling down drunk like Frank Gallagher anyone?

The lock is made from tamper-resistant polycarbonate that fits to various sized bottle necks.



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Have peace of mind and prevent underage drinking by keeping liquor bottles locked

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