Tampon Flasks Let You Have A Bloody Good Time With Alcohol Anywhere

We have to offer credit where it’s due: these Tampon Flasks are a nearly fool-proof way to smuggle hooch where it doesn’t belong.

Every order contains two packages that each contain five reusable tubes and single-use wrappers that no casual glance could distinguish from the genuine articles. Each imposter tampon case’s leak-proof cap allows you to fill the discreet, removable liquor tube up with a shot of your favorite libation for clean, convenient, and covert travel anywhere at any time.

Look, while we applaud the ingenuity worthy of something we’d see engineered on the sly for field operatives on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, we can’t resist offering just this one word of caution: if you are this committed to making Aunt Flo your accomplice to doing a few sneaky shots in inappropriate environments, just make sure you have a system for telling the tequila from the Tampax. We are most certainly not recognized in the English-speaking world as certified gynecologists, but we feel confident assuming that a nip of Fireball has no business jostling around inside anyone’s down-yonder.





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