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T-Rex Shower Head Bathes You In A Jurrassic Sized Spit Spray Of History’s Greatest Predator

The natural world has one snarky sense of humor, doesn't it? Tyrannosaurus rex reigned 69 to 66 billion years ago as the upper Cretaceous Period's most feared ...

Ship Porthole Shower Curtain Gives You A BioShock Bathroom

We can't have nice things. You can likely handle this polyester Ship Porthole Shower Curtain. We can't. We're geeks. We are highly referential creatures. ...

Nebia Shower Is The Aerospace-Engineered Shower System We Never Knew We Needed

If you can dream it, from boldly imaginative movies, music and video games to one great man's faith in his life-changing superior potato salad, you have at ...

H2oVibe Showerhead Speaker Lets You Hit Those High Notes Without The Ridicule of An Audience

Have you shamefully tried bringing that Cd Player, smartphone, or iPod into your bathroom to induce some fun into your shower experience? Um yeh, that’s not ...

Dagobah Shower Curtain Helps You Forget Your Filthy Bathroom

Got an eye for the melancholy? Is your doleful demeanor only countered by the state of your bathroom? Don’t cry over leaky faucets, take it on Star Wars to ...

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