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Gama Packable Backpack Is A Foldable Backpack You Can Take Absolutely Anywhere

Have you ever been on a trip and needed an extra bag just in case, but don’t have room to haul around a backpack? If this sounds familiar or if you are a fan ...

Vibram Arctic Grip Shoe Soles Provides Superior Traction On Icy Wet Surfaces

Good news for those who live in areas where snow and ice are common occurrences because there is new technology that is changing winter footwear, it’s called ...

Beartooth Turns Your Smartphone Into 5-Mile Radius Walkie-Talkies To Voice & Text With No Service

If ever there were an idea whose time is long overdue, it's a "backwards compatible" phone that adapts as a walkie talkie in the worst-case scenarios when one ...

GoTenna Off-Grid Network To Text & Share Your GPS Location Up To 4 Miles Away

If you get frustrated when there is no signal on your smartphone or tablet, and you 'need' to text message or locate someone, then you are not alone. Many ...

Kahtoola Footwear Traction Gives Ultimate Grip When Hiking On Ice

Once we get past the joyful warmth and goodwill of Christmas and the let-it-all-hang-out-and-put-the-pics-on-Instagram hedonism of New Year's Eve, winter can ...

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